Saturday, September 20, 2008

everything changes

It's Friday night but I still post this for Saturday.
Today I post an old photo. I took this one last fall. The last weeks were very special and many things changed since I took this photograph. I lost many friendships, got new ones, got a new boyfriends, I finished school and got a (kind of a) job as a photographer, I lost 4 hamsters and one cat and got 3 new hamsters and 3 hamster babies who were born here in my room, tomorrow maybe I'll get another cat and one more hamster, yesterday I got a new SLR camera...
and that are only a few things of the whole lot that has changed. And finally I canged too, just as this leaf did.
Maybe you might are looking forward to see here more photographs in a better quality when I tried out the new cam!

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