Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cute dog

That's a photograph I took last summer on a walk around the pond in Burbach (Saarbrücken). I hope you don't mind me posting an older photograph but I had no time today to take a new one because today was the last day in my life I went to school! Tomorrow I'll get my repord card and in April we're going to take the exams :).
The dog's owner was throwing the ball into the pond all the time and the dog didn't tire of bringing it back.


Lynette said...

What a joyous photo, for the dog and the person throwing the ball. Thank you. And good luck with the exams.

Lessie said...

Love the photo! Wish my dogs were interested in throw and fetch -- how fun, esp. in the water! Good for the owner for teaching him and not tiring out throwing. :) Good luck with the tests!